Better Baby Program

A range of therapies and interventions can promote optimal head and facial development

Strategies that can be implemented shortly after birth include the following:

  • Optimizing breastfeeding and bottle-feeding position can improve the position and development of baby’s jaw
  • Doing exercises with baby’s mouth from birth to age 4 months can improve oral motor development
  • From age 4 months+, exercises incorporating tools can improve oral motor development
  • Proper selection and use of pacifiers can mitigate negative effects on craniofacial development; it is also important to avoid creating associations with pacifiers that are hard to break later, which can lead to poor craniofacial development
  • Choosing certain infant cups and tools, and avoiding others
  • Osteopathic treatment, massage and physiotherapy on the fascia of the head and neck, as appropriate (fascia is internal connective tissue that surrounds and supports our muscles, nerves and blood vessels)
  • Tummy time
  • Primitive reflex integration
  • Maintaining and supporting a patent (clear) nasal airway
  • Correct eating and feeding techniques (i.e., understanding eating/feeding milestones, correct use of forks, spoons and cups)
  • Integrating baby-led weaning
  • Enhanced recognition of good oral development, awareness of warning signs

Orthodontic solutions for children age 2+ years include:

  • Removable appliances a child can wear for 10 minutes per day for long term
  • Removable appliances a child can wear for 1 hour during the day plus overnight for a shorter term
  • Composite build-ups to serve as a guide for the jaw to grow in the right position
  • Advanced lightwire functional (ALF) appliance therapy

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