Tongue Ties and Lip Ties

Tongue ties and lip ties limit proper movement and function of the mouth, may negatively affect speech and eating, and can interfere with growth of a healthy and beautiful face.

Signs that you may see in an infant or child with a tongue tie or lip tie:

  • difficulty eating
  • problems with oral hygiene
  • unusual noises while eating (e.g., lip smacking)
  • difficulty making sound with their mouth
  • open mouth posture (at rest, mouth is habitually open)
  • mouth breathing
  • sleep issues

At West Burlington Dentistry, we view tongue tie and lip tie surgery as the therapy that is ideally provided after funciton has been maximized. Although the symptoms listed above may be associated with a tongue tie or lip tie, the symptoms may instead be caused by a functional issue. Muscle repatterning and oral motor therapy (i.e., mouth and tongue exercises) can correct functional issues and get the tongue working properly without the need for surgery.

We can help you distinguish structural (anatomical) issues from functional issues, so that an appropriate therapy can be identified and pursued.

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